Placenta – tissue that gives life twice

Human placenta – for nine months it means everything for the baby. It ensures nourishing, supports the development and protects the baby. For each new life belongs only one. After the childbirth is this life-giving tissue transformed into a trash at once. The team of young physicians and scientists from National Cell and Tissue Center in Brno came up with revolutionary though about using this tissue so the beginning of one life may mean also the new beginning of someone else’s life story.One of the examples is our patient Marie who had been bothered by her wound for more than three months before she visited the physicians in Application Center. “I had tried everything possible and visited physicians, specialists and hospitals, but nothing helped me. The change appeared after Mr. Hladký, M.D. gave me the product and the wound started to heal up as like by magic. Now you can hardly recognize that the wound on the skin really was,” describes Marie the speedy process of the healing.The thing limiting her in her life for such a long time disappeared thanks to the product AMNIODERM® in 20 days. Is it really the magic? Yes and no. The most charming fact on this story is how the youth and adulthood are connected.

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