Who We Are

BIOHEALING® was established as the National Cell and Tissue Center spin off company. Its foundation was based on research of physicians and scientist who dedicated the last 5 years to development. They gained their experience in developing amniotic membrane for ophthalmology since 2005.

We are the owner of patent n. 307603 which describes the very original method of processing of amniotic membrane called AMNIPUR®. This process combines cleaning and dehydration while preserving maximum of bioactive molecules and complete sterility of the tissue.

You can find our laboratories in Brno right across from the University Hospital Brno and also in the biomedical cluster 4MEDi located in the premises of the University Hospital Ostrava.


Human Placenta and Amniotic Membrane Success Story

The rediscovered treasure

As one of the fetal membranes amniotic membrane is a rediscovered treasure. There are records which give evidence of its use at treatment and healing for thousands of years. However more and more restrictive legislation restricts the wide use of this tissue at patients. These days human placenta goes through renaissance and BIOHEALING® has based its research on the use of its unique qualities. BIOHEALING® is one of the leading promoters and trendsetters in the field of the use of amniotic membrane.

New Silicon Valley

It is not a coincidence that our research had started in Brno. Lower cost of living is one of the reasons the number of small research companies is growing in south Moravia much more rapidly than anywhere in the Czech Republic. In the last decade in Prague the number of such companies has increased by half while in Brno their number has tripled. Even the website Numbeo comparing the quality of life has placed Brno not only higher than Prague, but also higher than Paris, Brussel and London. Brno is also considered the new Silicon Valley – American Silicon Valley by San Francisco seashore was used by American navy, it became the kingdom of computer industry and innovative technologies in the 70’s. In the Czech Republic a similar center grew in south Moravia and Brno became the seat of innovation.

It all started with amniotic membrane for ophthalmology

The first field we penetrated with amniotic membrane was ophthalmology where the demand was high and the solutions of such problems as cornea ulcer were insufficient. The research had several phases – how to separate the amniotic membrane from the placenta, how to purify it and process in such a way the result is efficient and suitable for application by ophthalmologists. Legislation and diverse requirements by various countries made the situation even more complicated for us. The hardest part was to imagine that this affair of the heart to which we were devoted and which we strived to better all the time could ever be successful enough to build an international team and ecosystem on it. We were nicely surprised after entering the market. Physicians grew rather fond of our amniotic membrane for ophthalmology and currently we supply not only hospitals in the Czech Republic with it but also export it to e.g. the Netherlands, Israel and South Korea.

What Comes Next

This success motivated us and we started a new development. During the development of amniotic membrane we found several fundamental research results which clearly indicated this tissue’s potential to be used to heal chronic wounds. Meeting Jim Forsell, MD in October 2015 definitively confirmed us in this opinion. Since this moment we once again set to research.

In the beginning of 2018 was developed a new tissue transplant for treatment of chronic wounds called AMNIODERM® – where amnio referred to the tissue origin and derm to where it is supposed to be applied. The next step was an observation study which took place in 8 centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 45 patients whose wounds were described as unhealable were chosen. 36 % of these wounds closed completely within 8 weeks. 78 % of wounds have improved significantly (wounds have decreased or closed, the pain has decreased and itching has stopped). Pain has decreased at 75 % of patients. Thanks to these fantastic results we were able to incorporate AMNIODERM into Slovak Interdisciplinárne štandardy diagnostiky a liečby diabetes mellitus, jeho komplikácií a najvýznamnejších sprievodných ochorení (Interdisciplinary standards of diagnostics and treatment of diabetes mellitus, its complications and most significant related diseases) – issued on May 30 2018.
At the moment, almost a year since the study, we have helped several hundreds of patients to return to everyday and quality life.

A Spin off Company BIOHEALING® Is Being Found

In the process of finishing the second product we realized the system where development, production and entering the market are all being managed within the National Cell and Tissue Center is not possible to sustain. The company BIOHEALING® was found as a spin off and a part of the company moved to Ostrava where it seats in the premises of University Hospital Ostrava in 4MEDi laboratories which are finely equipped and are a great background for newly found independent biotechnological companies. For such companies the environment is very important and the environment in 4MEDi suits us well.
BIOHEALING® has finished its research in the field of chronical wounds with patent n. 307603 for processing method AMNIPUR®. This process combines cleaning and dehydration while preserving maximum of bioactive molecules and complete sterility of the tissue.

What Comes Next…

The development of amniotic membrane is not the end. Our company further works on development of tissue for other fields and we also work on processing of tissues in other forms than in standard “biological plaster”.
Thanks to physicians’ high ratings of our transplants and presentation at specialized congresses and conferences our company has become a very popular partner in the field of development, processing and entering the amniotic membrane market. We are currently asked for cooperation by leading specialists from the USA, South Korea, Middle East and even Chile.
BIOHEALING® is an example which shows us basically everything is possible if your approach is systematic and you are patient.

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