Treatment Providing Centers


Statute of Application Center obtains the physician/workplace trained in the field of wound healing with using the product AMNIODERM® or AMNIOCHORION®. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia are for patients available first Application Centers and their number will grow. In the Application Centers the patients can get the best available health care. Current list of the Application Centers is marked on the map.


Company BIOHEALING® in collaboration with the best physicians and specialists prepares for patients the net of certificated Institutes for Wound Healing and Transplantation from selected Application Centers in purpose to provide them the best available health care. The statute of Institute for Wound Healing and Transplantations obtain physician/workplace which beyond the frame of Application Center fulfills the other conditions given by the producer, mainly providing the education and training to other Application Centers and their staff in region, organizes the seminars for patients and physicians and participates in Studies focused on wound healing which are organized by the producer. Because of the high quality and enlightenment requirements which demand high costs we expect obtaining the statute of Institute for Wound Healing and Transplantations by no more than two centers in a region.