Effective treatment option for patients suffering of non-healing diabetic wounds

Recently, we have successfuly completed a clinical trial, which took place in Slovakia at the Endocrinology and Diabetology Center in Ľubochňa and was led by the primary investigator assoc. prof. Emil Martinka, MD, PhD.

The clinical trial involved a total of 20 patients who have undergone AMNIONDERM+ treatment for a course of 12 weeks.

All of the patients had complex neuropathic or neuroischemic diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) for an extended amount of time and were unresponsive to the previously provided Standards of Care (SoC). Retrospective data of patients was used as they were only enrolled if they have undergone 6 weeks of SoC treatment, which had resulted in the DFU not decreasing by more than 20% in surface area size.

AMNIODERM+ results were outstanding as 13/20 wounds were succesfully closed during a 12 week treatment period (65% success rate). It is also important to note that the remaining wounds that were not completely closed were reduced by at least 70%.

AMNIODERM+ is a novel new generation medical device wound dressing utilizing triple layer technology for high efficacy treatment of chronic wounds, especially those of diabetic origin.

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