BioHealing® is a biotech company and the european leader in the area of research, development and manufacturing of perinatal tissue derived products for advanced treatment.  The company was formed as a spin-off of two companies; PrimeCell Advanced Therapy and National Cell and Tissue Center. The platform for growth was initially set by a team of physicians and scientists who have allocated many years to research and development in finding the appropriate applications for the use of perinatal tissues in development of novel advanced medicinal products.


  • Amniotic membrane for ophthalmology




  • Czech patent Nr. 307603
  • Observation study CZ + SK
  • Market entryCZ + SK


  • Recommended opinions of 4 Czech and 3 Slovak professional societies
  • Obtained Seal of excellence
  • 37 CZ centers 20 SK centers
  • Start of development of AMNIOINJECT


  • European patent Nr. 3505196
  • Úhrada výkonu č.13067
  • Licence Sale CZ
  • Start of expansion PL + A


  • MPO CFF grant, project IVVTA, project budget 28 mil. CZK
  • Application of AMNIODERM in PL and A with excellent results
  • Grant MPO, project UMBIFIX, project budget 8 mil. CZK, partner Mendel University
  • Start of development of AMNIOPATIC A


  • Starting the study of the effectiveness of AD in the case of Epidermolysis bullosa
  • CE-Freeze-dried amniotic membrane in the treatment of non-healing wounds: a prospective, international, multicentric parallel controlled study.
  • BH Capacity expansion 4M


Scientific and commercial activities of the company are mainly focused on in-depth analysis of global healthcare trends with an aim of developing modern, safe, and high efficacy treatment solutions for a range of indications where available standards do not match patients needs. More…


„To become a leading global biotech firm focused on research & development of high efficacy perinatal tissue-based products intended for a wide range of medical indications“

Effectively tackle global healthcare problems by developing innovative medicinal solutions

Extendining the use of regenerative medicine among commonly used medical procedures

Extending our advanced product and service offering to patients in need across the world

Close cooperation with renown international institutions from academic and commercial sphere

Maintaing standards of best practice in all aspects of corporate culture


Mgr. Iveta Schmiedová

Chief Executive Officer

Mgr. Iveta Schmiedová, Director of Biohealing s.r.o., has many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in tissue transplantology. She is a key figure in determining the direction of onward product development and the direction of BioHealing as a whole.

Iveta studied analytical biochemistry at Masaryk University and is continuing her doctoral studies at Mendel University in Brno. She is the author of several professional publications focusing on the processing and use of perinatal tissue. Iveta is also the author of patents CZ307603 and EP3505196.

Bc. Stefan Savic

Global Business Development Officer

Bc. Stefan Savic holds the position of Global Business Development Officer at BioHealing, a key figure in establishing relations with business partners and determining the strategy for the growth and expansion of the company. 

Stefan studied Economics at Concordia University in Montreal and International Business at Grenoble Ecole de Management. He gained his work experience with multinational companies in the sphere of M&A and corporate finance, where he participated in key transactions in relation to the energy industry, the automotive industry, aviation, and IT.

MUDr. Elen Šťastná

Chief Medical Officer

MUDr. Elen Šťastná is Medical Director at BioHealing. In this position, she is involved in the development of new products and their clinical application. As an expert in preventive medicine and in improving the quality of human life, she is engaged in several important projects in this field.

Elen studied medicine at Charles’ University in Prague and was a doctor at the Internal Medicine Department of the Central Military Hospital (Ústřední vojenská nemocnice) in Prague for several years. Elen is chair of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation (Nadační fond regenerativní medicíny) and was also the president of Soroptimist International Prague-world, a prestigious women’s organisation that works directly with organisations such as the UN, UNESCO, and the Council of Europe.

Mgr. Alena Děmbickaja

Head of Manufacturing and Development

Mgr. Alena Děmbickaja is Head of the Processing and Development of Perinatal Tissue Products. In this position, she guides routine production processes and leads the development of new products and their transfer to the production process, and subsequently to patients.

Alena studied Systematic Biology and Ecology at the University of Ostrava, where she was involved in research into viruses, bacteria, and tissue cultures within the Research Group headed by prof. MSc. Vyacheslav Jurchenko, Ph.D. As part of her work for the research group, she shared in the discovery and characterisation of a new virus. 

Bc. Beata Kozová

Deputy Head of Manufacturing and Development

Bc. Beata Kozová is an integral part of our processing team and Deputy Head of Processing and Development. Beata ensures and monitors all the routine processes necessary for production and development.

Beata graduated in the specialisation of Biomedical Engineer at VŠB Technical University in Ostrava. She gained further work experience thereafter at University Hospital Ostrava.

Klára Cutáková

Back Office Assistant

Klára Cutáková is the final member of the Value Creation Team at BioHealing. As Backoffice Assistant, she provides support and work facilities for all BioHealing employees.



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